Release English Maria Dapaz “I was born to sing” 13/06/2009 20h12

Release English Maria Dapaz “I was born to sing” 13/06/2009 20h12

Maria Dapaz – Biography

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“I was born to sing”

Maria Dapaz started her carreer very young. At the age of nine she won the second price at the “The most beautiful voice of Northeastern” festival in Afogados da Ingazeira, sertão of Pernambuco (400 kil. Recife). There she grew up. Listening to the radio, singing with friends, just for fun, absorving nothing but music. All kind of music.
At 14 as a crooner of “Marajoara Band” she travelled, performed and learned all about being on stage. She also started playing the guitar.
The strength and timbre of her voice were so particular that everyone noticed that she had a long way to go.

Maria moved to São Paulo when she was only 19 and started performing in small clubs before being invited to Copacabana Record Company. There she had her first album released “Pássaro Carente”. She always recorded some of her songs (Fantasia, Falso Chamego, Pássaro Carente) and other composers she likes: Benito de Paula (Meu Sufoco) Gonzaguinha (Mulher e Daí). Second Album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro two years later with the best arrangers working on it: Lincoln Olivetti, Gilson Peranzetta and Nilton Rodrigues.
Although Maria settled down in São Paulo, she keeps a healthy influence from Northeastern artists she used to listen to at her mother’s house. Luiz Gonzaga is one of them. He has a true influence to all artists from that region, in some way.
Maria Dapaz lived in Switzerland and performed in Europe, invited by Swiss manager Jocelyne Aymon. Three Albums were released there. She performed in Germany and France, sharing stage with other artists like Brazilian José Barrense-Dias and Nazaré Pereira and French singer and composer Georges Moustaki.

Soon, people started paying attention to Maria’s songs. There was a new kind of Brazilian music people were not used to listen to. It wasn’t samba nor Bossa-nova. Although nobody understood the words, the audience got impressed by Maria Dapaz interpretation, her swing, the way she plays. Her carisma. Maria has this habilty to envolve an audience singing in another language.

Swiss Papers wrote: “The whole Continent in her voice” (Nouvelliste Oct.1985) A voice of fire coming from Brazil (Vevey Riviera Sept.1985).
Maria Dapaz keeps in mind special shows in Germany: “Alte Oper” in Frankfurt, “Breminale” Festival in Bremen and 18º Festival des Politischen Liedes in Berlin (DDR).
She performed at the Printemps de Bourges and met with Serge Gainsbourg and Ray Charles. French Papers wrote ”Maria Dapaz, nice Brazil”.

Back to Brazil, Maria intensified her composition work and having many of her her songs recorded by artists she likes from Martinho da Vila to Ray Conniff.

In 2000 she decided to create her own label JOMA with Jocelyne Aymon focusing on:
1. Producing albums with her own compositions, including songs from the Música Popular Brasileira repertoire and composers she likes and got influences from.
2. Producing special projects bringing back ”Old successful songs” in a fresher way and paying tribute to other artists who have a large repertoire.

Recording Company Atração (São Paulo) is JOMA’s partner for distribution. 5 albums.
Meu Lugar – Vida de Viajante – 2 Banquinhos e 1 Violão – Da Cor Morena –
Ô Abre Alas (Special Marchinhas de Carnaval – There is absolutly no album like this for sale)

“Meu Lugar” 1999 (My Place)
Producer Jocelyne Aymon – Arranger Bira Marques
Most classical songs of King of baião Luiz Gonzaga´s repertoire and Maria’s songs. Track one – Nem Se Despediu De Mim-Sabiá-Olha Pró Céu – shows how special is this album and how amazing are the arrangements. Last track gave us this beautiful ballad composed by Dapaz and Jotta Moreno De Volta Prá Você.

“Vida de Viajante” 2003 (Traveller’s life) Grammy Latino 2004
Producer Jocelyne Aymon – Arranger Bira Marques – Special Project
Tribute to Luiz Gonzaga – Maria Dapaz is the first Female Singer from Pernambuco to pay a tribute to Luiz Gonzaga. She listened to hundreds of songs in order to choose the most interesting ones. Best “accordeon” players were invited: Dominguinhos and Oswaldinho do accordeon. Both played and recorded with Luiz Gonzaga. Very special.
This CD got a nomination for Grammy Latin Awards 2004 (Brazilian Roots)

“2 Banquinhos e 1 Violão” 2004 (Two Benches and one Guitar) Live
Producer Jocelyne Aymon – First live album – Special Project
Accoustic show recorded at São Paulo Culture Center. Special songs from Brazilian Popular Music repertoire: like Carinhoso. Fascinação, A Noite Do Meu Bem, Bandeira Branca, Maringá… Dapaz plays the guitar and gives this wonderful interpetation to all songs. Artist invited: Cervantes.

“Da Cor Morena” 2006 (Brown Coloured)
Produced by Jocelyne Aymon – Arrangers Bira Marques & Maria Dapaz
This CD is Maria Dapaz. There are 7 songs written and composed by Maria & partners and 6 others that belong to Brazilian Popular Music Repertoire (MPB). Special track with Video Clip Pião Lá No Terreiro (Maria Dapaz/Jotta Moreno) produced and directed by Marcelo Kujawski.

”Ô Abre Alas” 2008 As Melhores Marchinhas e Frevos do Carnaval de Todos os Tempos
Produced by Gibba Gouveia and released by Atração Phonográfica
The unique CD relased in Brazil with the best of tradicional Marchinhas and Frevos.

Maria Dapaz enjoys singing and playing the guitar. She likes performing with an accoustic formation (Guitar & Percussions or two Guitars) inviting other musicians (Flute, Cavaquinho, Violoncello, Violas /10 string guitar ) or other singer, from other culture, too. With this special and pleasant formation Maria Dapaz performs in Brazil, in Europe and very soon in Japan. She feels free and comfortable to improvise as she gets to know the audience.

Special project “Luiz Gonzaga Sinfônico” (Luiz Gonzaga Symphony)
Maria Dapaz was invited to perform with the Symphonic São Paulo State’s Band at Sérgio Cardoso Theater (2005) at “Luiz Gonzaga Sinfônico” musical. Maria Dapaz gave her very special interpretation to Gonzaga’s songs.
2009 Will release the considered best CD “Meu Lugar” with a new cover and a bonus track to celebrate 10 years of success.
2009 Part of “Goin Back Home” Compil CD produced by Quickstar Production with her song “Coração de Beija-Flor” (Maria Dapaz /Fátima Romero) recorded on her CD Meu Lugar

Contact: Jocelyne Aymon

Autor: Jocelyne Aymon

Fonte: Joma Produções

Maria Dapaz